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Our Hemp Story - Farmer's Daughter Hemp

Farmer's Daughter Hemp 

Our Hemp Story 


Four women connected by blood, marriage and friendship launched Farmer’s Daughter Hemp. We are two mother-daughter duos who have seen CBD’s positive impact on our own families. We’ve done the research. We’ve tried it ourselves. Now we’re excited to know we’re providing not only a product, but a service to pharmacy customers.

We (Johnna, Beth, Emily and Amber) were all born and raised in western Kentucky and are proud to provide not only CBD products to US pharmacies, but support economic growth at the local level. We grow hemp in our Kentucky fields, process hemp in a Kentucky plant and bottle it in Kentucky, too! That’s what it means to have pride in our state and our people.


For decades, our family has worked Kentucky farmland. We understand, at the core, what Kentucky Proud really means. Though Kentucky agriculture has met many challenges over the years, the legalization of hemp is leading us into a bright future. We hope our CBD products can do the same for your customers.

Sadly, many customers are falling for false advertising that is rampant in this industry already. Though many products claim CBD, the trace amounts only mislead and disappoint people looking for relief. That’s why we’re adamant about monitoring the genetics of the hemp, plus the growing and processing of the product. With Farmer’s Daughter Hemp, you know you’re getting 100% pure CBD, no matter what.

Our goal is simple: provide you confidence in the pure, affordable CBD products you’re offering pharmacy customers. With us, you will have the ability to look up the exact ingredients inside each of our products.

From his Kentucky fields, to our Kentucky products, we’re offering pharmacies a 100% pure, third-party tested CBD product line you can feel confident in providing for your customers.

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