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Helping LTC and Correctional Pharmacies Deliver Care

Helping LTC and Correctional Pharmacies Deliver Care


MedCallRx, GeriScriptRx, and InMedRx were founded to meet the backup pharmacy needs of long-term care and correctional pharmacies nationwide, leveraging the companies’ expertise in pharmacy benefit management and a network of more than 70,000 retail pharmacies to support customers across all 50 states.

MedCallRx and GeriScriptRx provide backup pharmacy services to long-term care pharmacies to help them deliver timely care. Core capabilities include pharmacy network management, medication delivery, and data analysis. Medication delivery services are provided in partnership with Complete Delivery Solution, a sister company under the Care Services, LLC family of companies.

InMedRx provides backup pharmacy services, called QuickRx™, to support correctional facilities, institutional pharmacies, health care providers, juvenile detention facilities, and departments of behavioral health in providing timely care. InMedRx also provides BrideRx™, a release pharmacy service, and TransitionRx™, a re-entry pharmacy service, to support patients exiting correctional facilities and re-entering the community.

All companies operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support its customers in providing around-the-clock care.

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