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Mobile Pharmacy Cleanrooms - USP 800 and USP 797 Compliant

Mobile Pharmacy Cleanrooms 

USP 800 and USP 797 Compliant 

MDI Mobile Cleanroom pharmacy compounding labs offer the most technologically advanced design, equipment, and material in a portable, mobile unit. Our mobile cleanrooms are a temporary or permanent solution that can be delivered and operational in a short period of time. 

MDI Mobile Cleanroom Product Offerings: 

-Single-Purpose: We offer a 14'x28' design which can be engineered as either 1) a USP 797 sterile, non-hazardous cleanroom or 2) a USP 800 hazardous compounding cleanroom 

-Dual-Purpose: Our dual-purpose cleanroom is a larger 14'x48' unit which has a single point of entry airlock/workroom connected to a USP 797 sterile non-hazardous room on one side and a USP 800 hazardous compounding room on the opposite side

Advantages of an MDI Mobile Cleanroom:  MDI’s Mobile Cleanrooms are the largest in the industry.  Compared to a “trailer” or chassis-based platform which are 8’ wide our units are much wider with a 14’ width throughout either a 30’ length or a 48’ long unit.   The larger width means that MDI’s Mobile Pharmacy Cleanrooms truly meet and exceed the requirements of the  USP Chapter 797 Pharmaceutical Compounding-Sterile Preparations and USP 800 Chapter for handling hazardous drugs.   Furthermore, we engineer and manufacture our own buildings so we control the production cycle and can manufacture new units as needed. 

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