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Cannabis Confusion: Sorting Out the Differences and Legality of CBD, Marijuana and Hemp Products


To provide psychiatric and neurologic pharmacists with a clear understanding of the distinctions between Cannabis-derived substances such as cannabidiol (CBD), including legal issues, purity, safety and efficacy of the FDA approved CBD agent, OTC CBD products and “street” products to enable pharmacists to effectively counsel and manage their patients.


Upon completion of this program, participants should be better able to:

-Apply available scientific information to counsel patients about the health benefits, concerns, and unknowns regarding medical marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) containing agents, including both OTC and FDA approved agents

-Explain the pharmacologic mechanisms of Cannabis-derived substances including CBD

-Assess content of CBD/THC-containing agents available in medical dispensaries, including issues relating to purity, consistency, and dose

-Differentiate among Cannabis substances including CBD, cannabinoids, oils, and street or home-grown plant-based substances

-Discuss current laws relating to the purchase, distribution, and use of cannabis-derived agents and products


This accredited activity has been designed for psychiatric and neurologic pharmacists.

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