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Utilization of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Asthma Management: Moving Beyond Adherence Measures (Webinar Archive)


The goal of this activity is to educate managed care and specialty pharmacists on the importance of outcome assessments in asthma management including evaluating specific therapies' actual value and the use of quality measures to support decision-making.


Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to:

-Describe asthma's ideal clinical value compass of medical outcomes, patient satisfaction, functional status, and cost

-Compare adherence monitoring programs and outcome measurement programs for asthma, and explain the necessity to have both

-Analyze outcomes measurement programs for asthma and how they represent an important expansion to adherence monitoring programs

-Select appropriate measures for healthcare plans that move patients who have asthma toward realistic, achievable outcomes

-Use patient-reported outcomes data to tailor treatment for patients who have asthma

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