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Delivering Appropriate Nutrition for the Critically Ill Adult


This activity features an expert panel that presents two patient cases relating to the assessment and selection of nutritional support for hospitalized patients, including a discussion of newly available and emerging intravenous lipid emulsion (IVLE) nutrition products. Highlights from ASPEN 2020 provide supplemental background discussion on malnutrition, evolving trends in critical care nutrition, and selection of appropriate IVLE formulations.


Despite the continued focus on underfeeding in the hospital setting, signs of malnutrition persist in critically ill patients. As our understanding of nutrition in hospitalized patients expands, the importance of newer nutrition formulations becomes apparent.

The purpose of this activity is to provide the nutrition support team with the latest clinical data on malnutrition and intravenous lipid emulsions in critically ill patients to reduce malnutrition, morbidity, and mortality and improve outcomes.

i. Case 1: Critically Ill Patient Medical History

ii. Understanding the Problem of Malnutrition in the Hospital

iii. Case 1: Assessment of Nutritional Need

iv. Case 2: Acutely Ill Patient Medical History

v. Evolving Trends in Critical Care Nutrition

vi. IVLE Clinical Outcomes

vii. Case 2: Selection of Nutritional Therapy


Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to:

-Describe the scope and consequences of malnutrition in hospitalized patients

-Interpret available outcome data on new lipid emulsion products and how the differences in fatty acid profiles of new products may influence inflammation and immune function

-Compare and contrast newly available and emerging IVLE nutrition products, and describe how these new products can aid in improving nutrition therapy for hospitalized patients

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