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A Powerhouse Pair


Without proper medication packaging, your drug integrity could be compromised and your patients could suffer the consequences. Our commitment to your compounding and dispensing needs goes beyond the pharmacy counter and promotes the highest level of safety.   

Whether you’re distributing medication across the hospital campus or around the globe, Aclar blisters provide the superior moisture protection you need to satisfy mid-to-high barrier requirements. Pair them with Laser Labels to meet Class A requirements. 

Aclar Blisters are available in Condensed, Small, Medium and Large and labels feature a one-piece design with adhesive only on the border so none is applied over the medication cavity or lift-open tab. Our extensive selection makes it easy to pick the appropriate packaging components to meet your site-specific packaging criteria. 

 When it’s time to print labels, you can do it from your desktop computer, for FREE, using, our online pharmacy labeling program. And when it comes to trustworthy solid unit dose pharmacy solutions our powerhouse pairings make packaging quick, easy and hassle-free!

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