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Take Confusion Out of Compliance - Health Care Logistics

Take Confusion Out of Compliance 


Compliance is the key to a successful treatment plan. Unfortunately, not all patients have an easy time following the prescribed plan, especially when multiple drugs and dosage times are involved. 

Improve compliance and reduce confusion for post-op, home health or assisted living patients taking multiple medications throughout the day with new SureMed™ Multimed Packs. They make it easy for pharmacists to assemble cards based on individual patients’ needs so there’s less chance for mix-ups and more opportunity for positive results. 

This easy-to-use 7-day or 31-day packaging system uses a cold seal trifold blister card system with a large label area so there is plenty of room for medication information, instructions and warnings. When properly sealed, the system offers Class B dating and does not require special equipment for assembly. 

Wellness shouldn’t be complicated. Keep it simple with this patient-specific medication packaging system!    

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