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Embrace Change Without Challenges - Health Care Logistics

Embrace Change Without Challenges


Changes in work trends can be complicated — and costly. The products you’ve relied on for years no longer perform as needed and often have to be replaced with high-priced upgrades.

Or do they? 

We have the engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities to modify your products or create affordable replacements that meet your everyday needs. We can create and modify functional products using acrylic, PETG, polycarbonate, polystyrene, HDPE and PVC and there are no limits to our design capabilities. 

Whether you’re looking for specially sized trays, lock boxes or containers, or you need dividers for shelves, bins and drawers to better manage changing trends, we can design a solution and deliver it quickly. 

Ready to get started? We’re ready to help without outrageous upcharges or extended shipping schedules. 

Give us your idea and we’ll turn it into a digital proof free of charge. Complete our plastics options request form or call our product specialists at 1-800-848-1633 to discuss options for your specialty order today! 

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