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Everything PPE, All Within Reach - Health Care Logistics


It’s been almost three months since COVID-19 made PPE a household term and caused stock shortages around the globe. For front line workers, empty shelves aren’t an option. 

Our all-in-one PPE Cart is a mobile storage station that can travel anywhere in your facility for instant access to protective apparel. It helps keep your PPE — no matter how limited it may be — centralized and organized and makes it easier to identify what items need replenished. 

You’ll work safer, smarter and achieve better regulatory compliance with this cart in your corral. You’ll have fewer surprise “stock outs,” too. 

The PPE Cart is just one of several solutions designed to protect you from your toughest opponent during this unpredictable time. Visit our COVID-19 Tools inventory to see all the ways we can help. 

Ready to order? Carts are in stock and ready for same-day shipment! 

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