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You Asked, We Delivered!


During a code, few tools are as handy as a stocked crash cart filled with neatly organized boxes. But supply needs change and your box configurations don’t — at least not easily. 

We heard your frustration and we designed a solution. Flexible dividers allow you to rearrange storage space inside our completely customizable crash cart box without the need to cut strips or work around clips. 

Choose the standalone HCL® Configurable Crash Cart Box and add individual Divider Sets in the sizes you need, or select our all-in-one Box and Dividers combo package that includes one high-impact polystyrene box and a set of five dividers in 1”, 2”, 4”, 6” and 14” sizes. Then, arrange and rearrange your space to accommodate your contents.

Don’t waste money ordering replacement clips and strips each time your supplies change. Switch to our completely configurable system and enjoy 100% usable space for greater efficiency every day! 

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