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Single-Handedly Lighten Your Load - Health Care Logistics

Single-Handedly Lighten Your Load


There are countless rules for compounding, even more when working under the hood. To say you could use an extra hand is an understatement.

We understand the complications you face and we work hard to lighten your load. Our Stainless Steel Seal Hanger gives you that proverbial extra hand and allows you to conveniently retrieve seals, single-handedly, while working in some of the most challenging pharmacy conditions.  

This new device works hard so you don’t have to. Simply load seals into the container, feed them through the designated slot and remove them one by one as needed. Between uses, you can clean the container with soap and water. 

You can’t break the rules, but you can become a smarter player. We’re here to help you win the game! 

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