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Why You'll Love Selling Caliper CBD

Why You'll Love Selling Caliper CBD

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No minimums, wholesale pricing & packaging 

Caliper is happy to provide wholesale pricing in a variety of packaging options to fit with your business model. We allow easy ordering through our website with free shipping--and you’ll always have a dedicated customer service representative.

Always Precise 

Caliper CBD provides a consistent, fast-acting 20mg dose of CBD in the form of a truly water-soluble powder. Your health-conscious customers can count on it every time for a daily source of wellness--and that means happier repeat customers. It also allows for easier tracking of inventory when adding it to your menus.

Goes on--and in--anything

As easy as adding a sweetener and practically tasteless, Caliper CBD is conveniently packaged in individual packets to quickly & cleanly dissolve into hot & cold beverages and foods. There’s no aftertaste, no oily mouthfeel, and no oil slicks. 

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