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MyVideoJoin Overview. How to Upscale your Business with Telehealth Services!

MyVideoJoin Overview. How to Upscale your Business with Telehealth Services!

Tired of waiting in the ER to meet with a Doctor? Or having to sit in a clinic, where people are coughing and sniffling?


With the worldwide pandemic going on right now, technology platforms such as MyVideoJoin by PK+ provides healthcare providers and their patients with advanced, convenient and private secure access to a wide range of healthcare services. The PK+ MyVideoJoin module offers patients a direct connection to a licensed physician or nurse, who can offer health advice during online virtual visit to their patients in the comfort of their home and provide medical care or further advise if the patient needs a visit to a clinic or a hospital for immediate care.


How does Online Prescriptions Work?

The idea behind MyVideoJoin is that you can get medical care for “minor conditions” without having to visit the Hospital or Clinic. The following are a list of medical care that can be provided virtually:

-Sick Notes

-Cold & Flu Diagnosis 

-Eye Infections (including pink eye)

-Birth Control Prescriptions

-Skin Treatments

-Digestive Issues

-Re-occurring Ear Infections

-Bites and Stings Diagnosis 

-Strep Throat


-Bladder Infections/UTIs

-Mental Health

-Chronic Back and Muscle Pain

-Diabetes Consulting


Does MyVideoJoin connect with Real Doctors?

Yes! MyVideoJoin is used by licensed, trained doctors from across Canada and the US to provide the best medical care and advice for minor conditions to patients. 


How much does MyVideoJoin cost?

Patients enjoy PK+ MyVideoJoin for free, and providers receive flexible pricing options after a generous trial period. Providers with light usage patterns may pay per session; monthly plans are available for providers and practices with higher volumes.

MyVideoJoin vs. Telehealth Ontario and Provincial Healthcare

-Security and privacy: This service is fully secure, using point-to-point (P2P) technology, much like a phone call. It is also HIPAA- and PHIPA-compliant, meaning the service respects the highest privacy standards in both the US and Canada.

-Convenience and comfort: Patients can access care using mobile phone from anywhere, with no need to travel for appointments. This is especially handy for patients who deal with physical and mobility limitations, who have time restrictions or who are facing cost concerns. Absolutely needed for non-face-to-face counselling.

-Optimized support: The service engages family, caregivers and the patient’s living environment to improve their health outcomes.

-Easier workflow: PK+ MyVideoJoin integrates with healthcare applications. This means end users have an easier, smoother user experience with automatic data transfer and no need to transition between different systems.

-Intelligent time zone management: Providers and patients can book video sessions with PK+ MyVideoJoin and be confident that if they each reside in a different time zone (or if they happen to travel to a new time zone after making an appointment), appointment times will be automatically adjusted to their location.

MyVideoJoin Review: Final Verdict

MyVideoJoin by PK+ is a long-overdue product for the Canadian & US market. With the constantly-overburdened health care system, technology platforms such as MyVideoJoin can help leverage the medical care provided to citizens in an efficient & timely manner!

Check out MyVideoJoin Today!

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