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Remove EVEN MORE Dirt Without Lifting a Finger

Remove EVEN MORE Dirt Without Lifting a Finger


Does dirt put a damper on your work day? This limited-time deal will save your budget, your safety and your sanity! 

Everyday traffic in and out of labs, compounding areas and clean rooms can create debris that contaminates your work space. Regular surface cleaning and sanitizing helps prevent microbe accumulation, but usually doesn’t take care of what’s on the ground. 

Remove dirt, dust and lint without lifting a finger! Our blue Tacky Mats® are designed to do the dirty work for you. 

They pull dirt and dust off of shoes before they can contaminate a clean room or sterile area. When the top sheet is dirty, just peel it off, discard and a fresh sheet awaits! 

Now through July 30, when you order three matching packs, you only pay for two! We offer several sizes and styles of infection control mats to accommodate your space requirements. 

Just browse our inventory to find the perfect fit for you! 

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