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Your Call to Action

Your Call to Action


In light of shortages for neuromuscular blocking agents due to COVID-19, the FDA is allowing the temporary manufacture of these critically important drugs without the vial cap incorporating the usual statement: “Warning: Paralyzing Agent.” 

To prevent drug confusion or potential mix-ups, ISMP (Institute for Safe Medication Practices) recommends immediately affixing an auxiliary label or otherwise noting, “Warning: Paralyzing Agent,” to the vial caps. Vial RingsShrink Bands, and Labels with this critical warning are an ideal way to achieve compliance and improve patient safety.  

√ Choose preprinted Vial Rings, which fit around the neck of the vial, to encourage users to stop and double check medicine before administering. 

√ Shrink Bands help prevent potentially fatal errors by enclosing various sizes of high alert, high risk medication vials and force users to remove the cover prior to administration.

√ Labels can adhere to practically any surface and raise awareness for look-alike drugs to reduce the potential for dangerous drug mix-ups.  

Drug shortages can happen, but confusion can’t. Solutions are in stock and ready for same-day shipment! 

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