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Some of life’s greatest gifts come in twos: eyes, lungs and good shoes, for example. Each is more powerful together as a pair. 

The same is true for our new two-step clean routine, Sterile HD Clean®. Each kit removes hazardous surface contamination for up to 8 sq. ft. without odors, residue or the risk of corrosion. 

The system delivers results quickly, easily and without additional equipment. Wipe 1 uses quaternary ammonium to lift contaminants while Wipe 2 uses alcohol to remove cleaning agents from the surface. 

Two wipes are all it takes — really!  Just like many of life’s greatest gifts, they’re better together. 

Each box includes 200 kits. Packages are in stock and ready for same-day shipment. 

Check out our full line of Cleaners and Disinfectants for more solutions! 

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