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Reliable, Convenient Pharmacist On-Demand

PODS - Reliable, Convenient Pharmacist On-Demand

A network of Licensed Pharmacists throughout the United States that are available on short notice to supplement your internal team in a multitude of clinical tasks.

About PODS

PODS, or Pharmacist On-Demand Services, is a sister company to IND Consulting developed to quickly deploy highly-skilled, experienced pharmaceutical professionals all across the United States. Our licensed pharmacists have a wide range of experience and expertise, including long-term care, hospital, and retail pharmacy work.

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With PODS Pharmacists, you receive verified clinicians that are licensed in your state and reside in the United States. They have skill sets particularly suited to your pharmacy needs, bypassing the upfront HR hassles of hiring, training, and supervising in-house staff members.

PODS remote pharmacy services have over 100 licensed pharmacists in all 50 states with a wide range of pharmacy experience and expertise:

-Long-term care



-Recruitment of skilled pharmacy staff

Verified US Resident Clinicians

PODS can provide clinicians that not only reside in the USA, but are licensed in your state:

-Your PODS clinician will have skill sets matched to your pharmacy needs.

-No HR hassles and time spent hiring, training, and supervising in-house staff members.

 -Flexibility and fast response to YOUR needs… that’s PODS!

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