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Fagron Sterile Services | Your Solution for Uncompromising Quality Compounding [Video]


Company Background 

Founded in 1990, Fagron engineered one of the largest quality networks, with certified auditors performing supplier qualifications, serving 35 countries, to provide superior products for more than 200,000+ customers worldwide. In doing so, Fagron became the world's leading pharmaceutical company dedicated to safe, quality compounding. In 2010, Fagron entered the North American market. As part of the only vertically integrated pharmaceutical company dedicated to sterile compounding, their 503B facilities drive pharmaceutical outsourcing solutions on a comprehensive level to meet customer needs across the continuum of care. As a forward-thinking pharmaceutical supplier, Fagron recognized the opportunity to serve you and your patients better by acquiring JCB Laboratories. JCB has been at the forefront of shaping industry standards in sterile preparations for nearly two decades and was one of the first companies in the country to register with the FDA. Together, JCB Laboratories is Fagron Sterile Services – a solution you can rely on. 

Product Overview 

Fagron Sterile Services can serve you better than any other compounder – putting you and your patients first. They offer significant capabilities in research, development, manufacturing and distribution. They have invested heavily in their state-of-the-art facilities because of a shared belief in the need for regulated compounded sterile preparations (CSPs). 

Markets Served

- Acute Care Hospitals 

- Ambulatory Surgery Centers 

- Physician Offices

Features & Options

- Delivering World-Class Sterile Preparations Nationwide Corticosteroids 

- Dialysis 

- Drug Shortage Solutions 

- Ophthalmology 

- OR Syringes 

Pain Management 

- Urology 

Fagron Quality 

Fagron complies with all FDA guidelines, cGMP, GDP, cGLP, and strives to achieve the highest-quality standards within the industry. Ready-to-use compounded sterile preparations are designed to support decentralized medication distribution with extended expiration dates and high-quality labels helping you focus on your patients needs while improving efficiency.

A Leader in Quality Oversight

 - Industry-Leading Automation 

- 8 Isolated cGMP Clean Rooms 

- Continuous Environmental Monitoring 

- Every Batch 100% Tested for Sterility, I.D., and Potency 

- Real-Time Stability Indicating Test Methods for Extended Expiration Dating 

- Two State-of-the-Art, FDA Registered 503B Outsourcing Facilities

Fagron Sterile Services/JCB Laboratories R&D

 Innovation is an essential element of Fagron’s global strategy. Worldwide, Fagron has over 200 pharmacists and 20 researchers working to continually develop innovative concepts and solutions to meet the growing need for ready-to-use medications worldwide. Fagron’s research and development is focused on working with pharmacists and clinicians to identify requirements in a variety of markets leading to the integration of solutions across geographical regions. Fagron is uniquely positioned to bring world-class innovation to support the highest-quality preparations for hospitals, surgery centers, and physician offices across the U.S. 

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