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Superheroes Vs. COVID-19

Superheroes Vs. COVID-19 

As we head deeper into the summer of 2020, let's take a light-hearted look at ten fictional superheroes and how they might actually stand against the coronavirus.

10. HULK


The Hulk’s muscles can’t protect him from COVID-19.  While Bruce Banner is one of the smartest men in the world, his version of the Hulk lacks self-control.  The most obvious reason he is vulnerable to the virus is his lack of a face covering.  He is constantly roaring at his opponents, spitting his germs out into the air with no physical barrier.  Additionally, his powerful strength is only useful in hand to hand combat.  Let’s be honest, he probably doesn't wash his hands, either.



Despite being a god, Thor is one of the most susceptible to COVID-19. Like his previously mentioned Avenger counterpart, he lacks a face covering. He also sports facial hair which could host a plethora of germs. Thor is constantly traveling, whether it be to his home on Asgard, Earth, or the garbage planet of SaKaar. He is taking germs wherever he goes. He does have an advantage by throwing his hammer, keeping distance from his enemies.



Wonder Woman’s most vital asset is her whip, allowing her to stay  distanced from her enemies as she is defeating them.  She does lack a face covering, making her more vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. However, while she does have partial hand coverings to protect her from those pesky germs on high-touch surfaces, her fingers are still exposed.  Wonder Woman is part god, but that doesn’t enhance her immunity to the virus.



Carol Danvers, known as Captain Marvel, is the strongest Avenger. She may even have a power to ward off COVID-19, however, her rank was based on what we already know.  Captain Marvel is covered from her chest down, meaning her hands and fingers are protected from pesky pathogens. She also flies; therefore she can’t track in germs on her shoes.  She does travel a lot as well, putting her and others at risk for traveling germs.



The Dark Knight ultimately keeps to himself; he was practicing social distancing before it was recommended. But when he is around others, his mask doesn’t efficiently protect him.  While his eyes and nose are covered, his mouth is not, leaving him vulnerable to inhaling the virus or possibly spreading it to others.



Black Panther is the first on the list to have his entire body covered from head-to-toe. His heightened senses may also aid him in fighting off the virus.  However, his suit is made from a virbranium mesh which may give COVID-19 virus particles a way into his body. His suit allows him to fight his enemies from afar, however, he prefers hand-to-hand combat, putting him at risk of catching the virus.



Spiderman has a full-body suit, mainly to keep his identity hidden.  Because his identity is a secret, he rarely takes off his mask. Spiderman's most recent suit was made by Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) with technological advancements.  It wouldn’t be surprising if Stark helped Spidey create a new suit to protect him against COVID-19 so he can still protect New York City.



Ant Man’s ability to shrink could be a beneficial factor in protecting him from COVID-19. He could shrink down to a small size, keeping the larger COVID-19 particles from entering his body. Additionally, he wears a metal mask sealed around his head, protecting him from dangerous pathogens.



Tony Stark is a genius inventor, creating and adapting his inventions to be efficient in different situations, much like he did for Spiderman. His suit already seals his body into a metal shell keeping him safe from dangerous pathogens, but it wouldn’t be shocking if Stark created a disinfectant cannon that shoots out of the suit’s hands to kill the COVID-19 particles around him.



Deadpool is immune to disease. Regeneration is one of Deadpool’s greatest assets (remember the baby hands and legs), and it extends to his immune system, rendering him immune to the effects of diseases, even COVID-19.  He does, however, take precaution with a full-face mask and gloves to kill the COVID-19 particles around him.

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