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3AM Technologies Introduces the New ServeRx® Bedside SmartCart ESS

3AM Technologies Introduces the New ServeRx® Bedside SmartCart ESS

Joelton, TN: 3AM Technologies announces the availability of the new Bedside SmartCart ESS for hospitals and healthcare facilities. This enhanced mobile cart adds improved storage and stability to the Beside SmartCart while maintaining the best features that come with ServeRx® software.

The new Bedside SmartCart ESS includes additional storage with the option of shelving or non-dispensing storage drawers, offered in one- and two-module options. Availability includes a one module unit with three drawers or three shelves and a two-module unit with one drawer or one shelf.

The Bedside SmartCart ESS can be combined with ServeRx® medication dispensing cabinets, supply cabinets, and accessories to create a customized medication management system that fits the needs of each healthcare facility. The SmartCart ESS is equipped with either standard SmartStation SA software or, when combined with other hardware and more advanced features are required, the ServeRx® Foundation Software™.

For pricing and to learn more about the new Bedside SmartCart ESS or other ServeRx® equipment, visit or call (800) 326-7656.

About 3AM Technologies: Whether in the clinic, recovery room, or simulation environment, 3AM Technologies provides the infrastructure needed to care for patients and train future healthcare providers. Our SimServeRx® system equips educational institutions to train future healthcare providers on effective medication management practices in simulation environments. The ServeRx® system brings safety and security to healthcare facilities with integrated software that reduces inventory costs and medication error rates. 3AM Technologies was founded in 2010 with the mission of providing medication management services with pride, honesty, and vigilance.

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