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PharmEcology - Twenty Years and Counting!

PharmEcology - Twenty Years and Counting!

(Brookfield, WI – August 13, 2020) PharmEcology Services, WM Sustainability Services

PharmEcology Services was founded on August 1, 2000, which in today’s world seems like ancient history.  It’s also ancient history in terms of how pharmaceutical waste is managed by healthcare facilities today. Back then, it was not unusual for all IVs to be drain disposed and for most other drug waste to be disposed in red sharps containers or in the trash. In fact, when founder Charlotte Smith started talking to her pharmacy colleagues about epinephrine, warfarin, and nicotine being hazardous chemical wastes, she got the “you must be crazy” response. “We never learned that in pharmacy school.”  So began a long process of educating pharmacists, nurses, environmental services professionals, and other healthcare providers about the EPA’s hazardous waste regulations as they applied to drug waste. 

The first major accomplishment was the launch of the PharmE® Waste Wizard® in 2003, our online database that tracks new drugs coming into the market weekly and categorizes them as to hazardous waste and NIOSH hazardous drug status. Our second market innovation was the PharmE® Inventory Analysis, an annual complete categorization of all drugs purchased in a calendar year. We also started doing on-site risk assessments in year one and evolved those to include state-specific training programs and policy and procedure templates. Speaking of state-specific, did we mention the Waste Wizard® is state-specific? This has become extremely important now that EPA’s new Hazardous Waste Pharmaceutical Rule has become active federally and is slowly being adopted by states around the country. 

We’ve recently introduced our innovative USP <800> Assessment of Risk program, unique in the market in that we provide algorithms at the NDC level and stay current with drugs that meet the definitions of a NIOSH hazardous drug. 

To all those who made our evolution and success a reality, we express our deep appreciation. And to those who have not yet experienced our high level of service and dedication, we invite you to join us as the journey continues…maybe for another 20 years?  Contact us today at 877-247-7430 or  

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