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Iso-Med | ISOlutions for Cleanroom and Medical Supplies [Video]


Company Background

 ISO-MED, Inc., a medical supply distributor, was formed to supply quality products for pharmacy cleanrooms and other medical industries in the United States. You will find ISO-MED as your one-stop-shop for all your USP <797> and USP <800> needs. 

Product Overview 

ISO-MED's brand of products are manufactured at the highest quality levels and meet or exceed USP <797> and USP <800> standards for labs, compounding pharmacies, homecare, and more. ISO-MED provides an unparalleled level of service and convenience, and as a result, we offer a unique opportunity to provide top-quality products, responsive customer service, and highly cost-effective purchasing options for all of our valued customers! ISO-MED, an industry leader for all of your USP <800> needs, provides an unparalleled level of service and convenience for all medical industries. Whether it’s for the pharmacy cleanroom environment, laboratory, or homecare, ISO-MED is known for developing and distributing products that meet or exceed USP <800> compliance. We offer a unique opportunity to provide topquality products and are driven to help healthcare organizations save money. 

Our USP <800>

Compliant, Innovative Products Include: 

- Sterile Chemo Prep-Mats 

- Sterile and Non-Sterile Chemo Gloves 

- Wipes 

- Sterile Alcohol 

- Apparel (Both Sterile and Non-Sterile) for Compounding Hazardous Drugs 

- Chemo Technique Testing Kits 

- USP <800> Compliance Wipe Kits 

Additional Product Lines 

- Pharmacy Labels 

- Akro-Mils Storage Bins 

- Pill Crushers and Splitters 

- Tamper Evident Locks and Tape 

- Safety Containers 

- Skin and Wound Care 

- Unit Dose Packaging 

Markets Served 

- Hospital 

- Compounding 

- Infusion 

- Retail 

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