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Looking for new point-of-sale solutions? Check of BestRx’s BestPOS System.

BestPOS is a pharmacy point-of-sale software that is reliable, easy to use, and requires minimal training. Their software provides the ability to scan prescription images manually or hands-off scanning quickly through their batch-scan functionality. BestRx’s document management feature supports multiple file types, such as PDF, Word, Excel, text files, and standard image file types. BestPOS has many features helping boost efficiency and profit margins.

BestPOS features include:

  • Reliable, fast and flexible checkout process

  • Manage inventory and pricing with multiple wholesalers

  • Integrated with NPLEx’s Methcheck platform

  • Trend tracking reporting features

  • Process credit, debit, FSA and EBT cards

  • Capture prescription, credit card, HIPAA, pseudoephedrine, and delivery signatures electronically

  • Built-in loyalty program

  • Manage employees’ access rights

  • Create and manage customized promotions

  • 2-D barcode scanning

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