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A Win-Win for Customer and Pharmacy - Paladin Data Corporation

When customers need a prescription and counsel from a pharmacist, you don't want to disappoint them by sensing frustration on the pharmacist as he attempts to figure out the system, delaying consult and checkout. The customer wants an experience that emits trust, care, and ease. 

Providing peace of mind is a requisite when choosing a point of sale system. Compliance, certifications, and integration are also must-haves. Paladin checks those boxes and more by providing full compliance with all federal regulations and insurance requirements, such as tracking pseudoephedrine purchases and enforcing purchase limits and signature requirements. 


SIGIS certification streamlines purchases of IIAS-eligible and non-eligible products with the ability to split transactions across FSA/HRA, credit cards, and other forms of payment. The intuitive user interface and mobile tools quickly resupply the pharmacy from anywhere in the world.

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