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Robots to the Rescue - ScriptPro

ScriptPro has known since its inception that robotics would revolutionize pharmacy operations by eliminating cross-contamination and air pollution more effectively. And now—given our COVID-19 world—the robotic pharmacy dispensing system is more indispensable than ever because of everyone's attentiveness for a virus-free environment. 

Robots help with customer safety, collate prescriptions for pickup, and support staff shortages. They also free up time for the pharmacist to focus on more high-level, so no more burdensome repetitive tasks for them.

The technology provides the necessary safeguards to ensure the right medicine for the right patient with the right dosage, which is especially needed for high-risk, high-cost medications. It analyzes workflow to deliver a seamless experience from order entry to point-of-sale, allowing technicians to monitor safety standards and manage controlled substances.

If growth is an objective, ScriptPro is an integrated platform of robotics-enabled systems to optimize and scale pharmacy operations. 


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