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Manage Your Vaccine Storage Safely and Reliably

Manage Your Vaccine Storage Safely and Reliably


While the world is changing, the need for high-performance refrigeration for stable vaccine storage has not.

Whether you need large volume storage, fast temperature recovery due to frequent door openings and constant restocking, or compact size, PHCbi brand refrigerators can meet your storage needs.

• Precise interior temperature uniformity from top to bottom, even when refrigerators are loaded to maximum capacity.

• Innovative, energy-saving compressor technology runs more efficiently and extends life of unit.

• Reserve cooling power restores internal storage temperatures during times of frequent access.

• SNAP compliant natural refrigerants and ENERGY STAR® Certifications are available on many models.

• Energy-efficient and compliant with storage recommendations established by the CDC.1, 2 

Contact us or your local rep now to make the right choice for your vaccine storage needs.



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