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Our Latest Release Is NOW Available

Our Latest Release Is NOW Available

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We are pleased to announce the release of GuardianRx™ version 2020.32

For details about the latest version, please review the Guide to New Features. This document is available on the CarePoint FTP site in the following location: Guide to New Features - 2020.32

We strongly recommend you review the Guide to New Features before upgrading to the latest version.

Some features we are excited to share include:

• NIOSH Indicator

To follow the USP Chapter 800 regulations, the NIOSH indicator from FDB has been implemented on the product find and the product record. This regulation requires pharmacies that are dispensing any drug on the NIOSH Hazardous Drug list to patients in a healthcare facility where a staff member will be handling the drug, to identify the drug as a hazardous drug. The Find Drug on the product written and product dispensed will show the table that the drug is related to.

unnamed (1).jpg

• Geriatric Precautions – Beers Criteria

Geriatric Precautions have been added that are Beers Criteria® for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults. With more than 90% of older people using at least one prescription and more than 66% using three or more in any given month,1 the AGS Beers Criteria®—a compendium of medications potentially to avoid or consider with caution because they often present an unfavorable balance of benefits and harms for older people—plays a vital role in helping health professionals, older adults, and caregivers work together to ensure medications are appropriate.

The information related to the BEERs criteria will also display in the Find Drug at the bottom in a highlighted section which also has NIOSH information when necessary.

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• General / Use Tall Man Lettering for DUR Messages

Design techniques have been explored for the purpose of differentiating look-alike drug names. Tall man lettering is one such technique. Tall man lettering, a term coined by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), describes a method for differentiating the unique letter characters of similar drug names known to have been confused with one another. Starting with a drug name printed in lowercase letters, tall man lettering highlights the differences between similar drug names by capitalizing dissimilar letters. This is now available for DUR messaging through a setting in the administrator console.

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• Order History

The order history will allow the user look at the last orders they closed out of if they need to go back into it. With the history, the order number and patient name are displayed starting with most recent. The user can click the hyperlink to jump back to that order. It saves the last FIVE orders that have been 'modified' (i.e. OK button clicked). If the user clicks the Cancel button, the order is not saved in the last list.

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• Shipping Address Validation

When the order’s shipping button is activated to show shipping information, a new option is now available for “Validate Address”. If you use Suggested Address it will show highlighted in the fields that change.

unnamed (5).jpg

• Quick Receive - All New!

Quick Receive is a separate executable that allows pharmacies to receive and post purchase orders via scanning of stock bottle barcodes. There are a couple methods of utilizing Quick Receive. Please see the Guide to New Features for a more in-depth breakdown.

unnamed (6).jpg

• Add Lot Numbers Directly to Receipt

With this update the user can click into any of the new “Lot” related fields in the line item to launch “Add Lot 1” and click further to add up to 3 lots on an NDC that is being received. This will drop the lot number information into the item record when posted.

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If you should have questions or wish to schedule an upgrade, contact our Support Team by phone at (800) 774-1361, or email us at


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