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Three Tips for Pharmacy Students (A current pharmacy students perspective by Michelle Roques)

APPE Pharmacy Student

Three Tips for Pharmacy Students (A current pharmacy students perspective by Michelle Roques) 

When going to any school, it is important to look at ways to make your transition easier. Pharmacy school is challenging so here are 3 tips to get you on the right track.

#1. Prioritize: Create a schedule for everything that you need to do and add time slots. Add in the times needed to study for your subjects, due dates for all assignments, upcoming exams, and all daily activities. I want to say that I started doing this around my second semester of pharmacy school and I honestly wish that I would have started earlier. It makes your days much easier. 

#2. Everyone makes mistakes: Get used to knowing that no one is perfect. Students are here at school to learn. I can recall a professor saying “It’s better to make mistakes while we are in school than making them in the real world. That way you will know not to do it again.” During lab, I remember filling a whole prescription without double-checking my medication. I felt so confident in what I was doing. When I went in the next day to see what grade I received, it was a zero. My professor told me you had everything written down correctly except the drug. That taught me to always double-check what you are transcribing. 

#3. Challenge yourself: The only way you’re going to sharpen your skills is if you push yourself out of your comfort zone. One of the areas in which I need to build on is public speaking. I enhance my skills by putting myself in uncomfortable situations. Use the IPPEs, APPEs, or any opportunity you have to work on yourself. Pharmacy is a very competitive field and you want to be able to stand out.


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