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Build a Profitable, Customer Centric Pharmacy With RMS at the CLIMB Virtual Summit [VIDEO]

This October, Join RMS for the first-ever CLIMB summit. In just 3 hours, this transformational virtual event will help you take the first steps to building a better business. Registration is free with code RXINSIDER2020.

Company Background

RMS was founded in 1998 with a goal to help pharmacies understand and use technology-based tools to run a successful business. Today, Retail Management Solutions is one of the most respected pharmacy point-of-sale providers. Our mission is to help our pharmacy customers become the most profitable and customer-centric in the industry. We hope that every time you use an RMS product, or talk with an RMS team member you’ll use one of our defining words to describe us: reliable, knowledgeable, innovative, passionate, and crazy-easy.

RMS’ POS systems are created exclusively for pharmacies. We listen to our customers, partners, and industry requirements to provide timely, point-of-sale based solutions to solve the challenges faced by pharmacies today.

At RMS, we believe that partnership is at the heart of every successful pharmacy/vendor relationship. We allow customers to work with the partners they choose, offering interfaces to over 30 different pharmacy systems. All while providing top of the line point-of-sale solutions and other robust integrations.

While point-of-sale is an important tool for any pharmacy, there’s so much more to running a healthy pharmacy business. With an industry facing powerful changes in 2020, the CLIMB Summit was created by RMS to help pharmacies achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

Product Overview

The CLIMB Virtual Summit aims to help you build a more profitable and customer-centric pharmacy through five key tenets. Care, lead, innovate, motivate, and balance.

Care: Care is at the foundation of every pharmacy. This is one thing that every pharmacy has an abundance of. Care for patients, staff, and community. Care is also what sets local, community pharmacies apart from box stores and online competition. At the CLIMB Summit, you’ll learn how to approach the concept of care in brand new ways and strengthen the bonds your pharmacy has built using new techniques and tools.

Lead: Leadership takes many different forms. Every member of the pharmacy team has the capacity to build leadership skills. Empowering yourself and your team benefits everyone. During the CLIMB Summit, you’ll learn how to take the concept of leadership beyond traditional perception and lead not just a pharmacy team, but an entire community.

Innovate: Change is opportunity, and innovation is the way to seize that opportunity. But it’s not always easy to take those first steps to try something new. Luckily, innovation doesn’t have to mean broad sweeping changes. Certainly, there’s a place and time for those, but some of the most powerful innovations are actually small changes. Learn how you can create innovation in every customer interaction, from unique services to new technology.

Motivate: Our mindset plays a powerful role in the success of any endeavor. Simply believing that we can achieve something is half of the battle. Before we can figure out the how, we must understand, and believe in the why. That’s where motivation comes into play. Discover how to motivate your team, reframe challenges, and look at your pharmacy business from a new perspective.

Balance: Time is perhaps the most precious commodity we have. Streamlining workflows, leveraging technology, and recognizing assets can help you gain it back. When the juggling act played between business, family, and community seems to overwhelm us, stop juggling and learn to balance instead. Find out how investing in team, technology, and education can teach this fundamental but often overlooked skill.

-Featured Speakers

To bring you a virtual summit filled with valuable, actionable content, RMS has partnered with some amazing speakers. During CLIMB, you’ll hear from:

• Terri Norvell – Speaker, Motivator, and Leadership Expert

• Patti Mara – International Business Consultant and Author of “Up Solutions”

• Becky Templeton – Compliance Expert at RJ Hedges and Associates

• Chris Cornelison – Pharmacist and Owner of Solutions Rx

• And Special Guest, Giovanni Livera, Chief Wondermaker

Learn more about our speakers at

Markets Served

RMS is proud to work with over 1,000 pharmacy customers across the United States.

Ordering Information

To register for the CLIMB Virtual Summit, visit Registration is free using special code RXINSIDER2020 and the first 100 registrants for our summit will receive a special gift!

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