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Yuyama’s Quiet and Intelligent Litrea III Pouch/Compliance Packaging Automation [VIDEO]

Yuyama’s Quiet and Intelligent Litrea III Pouch/Compliance Packaging Automation 

The robustness and versatility of the quiet Litrea III will deliver you accuracy, speed, and technician relief in addition to saving you money and time. Your silent partner in success! 

Company Background 

Yuyama, founded in 1964 in Osaka, Japan, specializes in medical and pharmaceutical automation. It is the largest pharmacy automation company worldwide, and the first company to introduce an automated prescription filling machine to the market. Yuyama started its USA division in 1996 and now has over 2,200+ machines in the U.S. market. Since our inception, we continue to grow. Innovation drives our growth, and our solutions have proven to be exceptionally reliable, user-friendly, and safe. 

Product Overview 

Litrea Ⅲ is the perfect solution for small to middle scale pharmacies. This product will help increase your accuracy and improve patient safety. Improve medication and patient safety with universal canisters that are designed to save you money during manufacture drug changes. 

Features & Options 

-Verification Process for Drug Replenishment 

The packager prevents users from refilling the medication incorrectly by scanning the barcode for replenishment. 

-RFID Function 

Achieve higher levels of safety management. Every single RFID on the canisters is recognized automatically, which allows the users to set the canister wherever they want. 

-DTA Tray Function for Manual Fills 

Medication that cannot be automatically-halved or stored in canisters can be dispensed from the DTA tray by the proud. 

-Universal Canister 

The universal canister can dispense various medications that were previously dispensed by hand. Freedom from manual-filling saves pharmacists’ time and guarantees accurate dispensing. 

-Half-Cutter Function 

Yuyama has designed special canisters which are capable of cutting a tablet in half, and packing it in a pouch automatically. 

-Automatic 4-Color Penliner 

For additional adherence, Yuyama can provide the helpful solution for your patient in the form of the 4-color penliner. Your patients will more-easily understand when to take medication by referencing the colorful line. 

Additional Product Modules  


• Yuyama’s Blient, single-dose, multi-dose, and semiautomated dispensing system, enables users to automate through variable dispensing styles and realize increased operational efficiency. 

• The Blient will accommodate various single-dose blister cards regardless of size or number. 

Additional Product Line 

Fully Automated and Robotic Vial Filling Solution: EV-180 

Markets Served 

• Central Fill 

• Independent Retail 

• Retail Chain 

• Long-Term Care 

• Nutraceuticals 

Trade Shows/Meetings Attended

• NACDS Total Store Expo • NCPA Annual Convention 

• GeriMed Annual Conference 

• Cardinal Health RBC 

Ordering Information 

For additional information, please contact us by phone at (847) 593-1005, visit our website at, or email 

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