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Transformative mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in health care have shaped the landscape of the industry. Triangle Health Advisors understand what it takes to align forces to create unparalleled companies that contribute to health and well-being. Making a symbiotic match involves guiding the company from ideation to deal, coaching leadership throughout every stage. Triangle also knows how to protect inexperienced sellers by maximizing value coupled with the right terms and rapid close. 

Advisory and valuation experts collectively possess the ability to decode trends in the most complicated industry and navigate a constant-evolving market. The principals have been trusted M&A practitioners since the early 1990s and have collectively closed hundreds of transactions worth more than $30 billion. 

To make game-changing moves, the team monitors the industry, engages with healthcare leaders, applies critical thinking skills to every engagement and transaction. As a result, Triangle Health Advisors deals span multiple stages, healthcare sectors, and financial commitment levels. There is nothing about this firm that looks at healthcare in a singular manner, whether it is selling a home infusion therapy or acquiring a pharmacy. Triangle the business from all sides.


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