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Responsibility for Protecting What Matters

The last five months, the world has seen the infection rate of coronavirus grow every day. As we head into the second half of 2020, the healthcare industry is still undertaking vast preventive measures, increasing testing, and treating infected patients. All of which generates vast amounts of biohazardous materials that facilities must dispose of safely and promptly.

This additional waste, coupled with the precarious nature of a novel virus, has been daunting for the regulated waste disposal industry. However, no company has risen to the challenge and holds a stronger legacy in keeping people safe from medical waste management than Stericycle. 

Stericycle quickly mobilized to help their clients since the onset of the COVID-19, ensuring that every action is compliant with state and federal regulation. They evaluated existing processes and safety steps regarding COVID-19 and made necessary changes to mitigate risks associated with the pandemic. For example, Stericycle improved packaging for sharps contaminated with COVID-19.


Stericycle is ever vigilant regarding COVID-19, clients receive regular updates within the knowledge center and webinars to address the needs of this crisis and beyond.

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