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On Refrigeration and Safety

Rapid cooling? Check; uniform temperature? check; anti-microbial exterior? check. The  EVOLUTION series from Migali Scientific checks all the requirements for pharmacies and clinical labs. Integrity is center of an EVO unit because it’s that system that keeps vaccines protected, medicines potent, and biologics safeguarded for the patients.

The digital microprocessors and digital data loggers power the balanced refrigeration systems.  Every model, including solid door models, includes LED lights to illuminate the interior. Migali models are engineered for noiselessness. The sleek design and cutting-edge models enhance the appeal of the pharmacy, so when people look at the refrigerator, they see innovation and assurance. 


Migali takes social responsibility to heart by reducing carbon footprints through their Energy Star models. The refrigeration products utilize R290 refrigerant, an all-natural, non-toxic refrigerant that yields up to 40% in energy savings. The team also works closely with governing boards to ensure products exceed CDC, USP, AAP, JACHO & AABB guidelines.

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