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Adherence Packaging Solutions Made Practical - DOSIS by Manchac Technologies

Company Background 

Based in Louisiana, Manchac Technologies developed the DOSIS suite of products to improve pharmacy efficiency and accuracy. Manchac is a local word meaning “better way,” and we have built our company around the mission of providing better solutions and even better service to pharmacies. We are proud of the difference we have made over the past decade in the hundreds of pharmacies with which we have partnered. We are excited to continue to help pharmacies reduce their costs of production while providing higher quality services to their patients. Since our first robot sold in 2009, our DOSIS L60 robots have become the “go-to solution” for pharmacies wanting to improve single medication blister card operations. In the last few years, Manchac has broadened our offerings to include the DOSIS U60 unit-dose robot as well as printing and pre-pack productivity software to extend efficiencies beyond the automated filling and labeling completed within the robots. In 2017, we introduced the revolutionary DOSIS 360 solution for filling and checking multi-dose cards. In the years to come, Manchac will continue to enhance the performance of our proven products while delivering new, innovative pharmacy productivity solutions. 

Product Overview 

The DOSIS products each focus on three main objectives: one, reducing the opportunities for pharmacy errors by minimizing the human intervention required; two, reducing disorder in the pharmacy by providing automated, predictable, and repeatable processes; and three, lowering operating costs by reducing labor and eliminating non-value added activities for the pharmacy staff. All of the DOSIS products are driven by our powerful, highly configurable software interface. Filling and printing activities can be routed, prioritized, and configured based on any data received from the pharmacy management software. For example, fill patterns (calendar, split-cards, etc.) and label templates can be adapted for different customer facilities or prescription types. DOSIS systems integrate seamlessly to help pharmacies complete daily and cycle prescriptions as well as prepack, first dose, and e-kit stock. 

Product Descriptions

 DOSIS 360: For retail and LTC pharmacies, DOSIS 360 provides an automated, controlled system for filling multi-med blister cards at a very low cost of entry compared to any robot on the market. Various multimed card formats are supported, and a single technician working with DOSIS 360 can correctly fill, seal, and label multi-med cards for over 250 patients per month. Whether your pharmacy serves twenty-five or a thousand patients in multi-med cards, the DOSIS 360 system will grow with your business. DOSIS 360 is a complete solution that empowers the filling, sealing, labeling, and checking of multi-med cards while fitting into existing countertop work spaces. 

DOSIS L60: The LTC industry standard for automated filling, sealing, and patient-labeling of single-medication blister card prescriptions, each DOSIS L60 robot has a monthly production capacity exceeding 15,000 blister cards. Using one-of-a-kind dispensing technology to eliminate the need for canister exchanges or on-site canister hardware calibration, DOSIS robots allow generic manufacturers to be changed without changing canisters. 

DOSIS C60: Adapted from the L60 design, the DOSIS C60 offers identical functionality but is physically adapted for 3"x 9" cards commonly used for narcotics or to fit in med carts configured for strip-packaging. Each DOSIS C60 card holds up to 16 doses. 

DOSIS U60: Based on the L60 platform, DOSIS U60 adds the functionality of full unit-dose labeling within the robot. Each blister of each card can be printed with your requirements of NDC bar code, drug name and strength, lot number, expiration date, etc. 

DOSIS mPAQ Printing: There are two primary aspects to DOSIS mPAQ Printing: directional (or work zone) printing and med-pass printing. Directional printing can route labels throughout the pharmacy based on prescription data, medication location, etc. Med-pass (or time-pass) printing automatically highlights color-coded labels to match med-pass data and times for patients and their facilities. 

DOSIS Pre-Pack Manager: For pharmacies using pre-packs, DOSIS Pre-Pack Manager significantly minimizes the inventory and reduces the labor required throughout the pre-pack process. Pre-Pack Manager automatically drives consumption and restocking of pre-pack cards via the DOSIS robots. 

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