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Health Care Logistics – Your Small Friend, Indeed

Health Care Logistics – Your Small Friend, Indeed

Discover an unmatched inventory of unique and hard-to-find solutions for nearly every facet of the healthcare industry.

Company Background

What began 40 years ago, as a garage-based business at the home of founder Gary Sharpe, now encompasses five facilities in central Ohio and reaches customers around the globe. Health Care Logistics is a privately owned company specializing in manufacturing, packaging, and distributing unique and hard-to-find products for nearly every facet of the health care industry. HCL also offers complimentary search and development services for non-inventory items customers want but can’t find. Meeting the needs of its customers is the driving force behind the success of Health Care Logistics.

Product Overview

HCL’s inventory includes more than 10,000 different products such as boxes, bins, security seals, compounding and dispensing products, infection prevention solutions, and unit dose supplies.

In addition to stock items, HCL offers manufacturing divisions for cabinets, plastics, and metals to create specialty solutions with short lead times. An in-house print division is also available to custom print labels, magnets, banners and clings, and to laser mark products with names, departments, and bar codes to help professionals improve performance, reliability, and accountability.

HCL will manufacture or modify existing products to meet your needs. We work with you to make products work for you.

Additional Product Lines

-HCL Wipes: Disinfecting medical surfaces is serious business; only the strongest ingredients are worthy of the fight. Bring more muscle to the table with germicidal cleaners and wipes from Health Care Logistics. They’re made to wipe out the risk of HAIs and improve infection control initiatives for you and your team. This line of wipes is made of the highest-quality material to ensure the highest level of clean in your facility.

-IV Supplies: Eliminate drug dispensing errors, improve accuracy, and protect patients from the risk of infection with the complete line of IV supplies and accessories from Health Care Logistics. Solutions include: IV bag covers and accessories; IV locking boxes; IV poles and accessories; IV inspection light boxes and accessories; IV labels; mini-bag applicator; carry caddies and accessories; phlebotomy workstations and accessories; sterile glass vials and accessories; tamper-evident tip caps; tamper-resistant add-port caps; tube and cable organizers; transfer needles; needlestick prevention and more!

-Carts and Accessories: From code carts to treatment carts, anesthesia carts, and more, Health Care Logistics offers an extensive line of durable, dependable crash carts and mobile workstations that keep supplies organized and secure. Cart accessories focus on security, organization, and accessibility, and include everything from crash cart boxes, lids, and dividers to foam inserts, security bags, and security seals. In-stock or specially designed labels and vinyl graphics help maximize productivity by making it easy to identify drawer contents, departments, and types of equipment.

-Cleanroom Supplies: Health Care Logistics offers a variety of ready-to-use, USP <797>-friendly sterile cleaning products to kill bacteria and maintain a clean medical environment free of contaminants and debris. This series of powerful sanitizers and disinfectants include sprays, wipes, and polish individually bagged and ready for immediate introduction into the controlled area. Premixed concentrations are formulated with Sterile Water For Injection (WFI), sterilized and filtered to eliminate any trace of particulate matter inside the container. Two-part SimpleMix solutions measure and mix the appropriate amount of concentrate at the time of use to guarantee a fresh, full-strength solution every time. In addition, our sterile cleanroom wipes are great for cleaning lab equipment and medical instruments in areas where bacteria, particulate, and extractable levels are critical concerns. Our cleaning tools and supplies can help you achieve quick, effective cleaning and disinfecting in critical areas while infection control mats remove dirt, dust, and lint on contact from shoes, making it easier than ever to comply with USP <797> mandates.

-Refrigerators and Freezers: Cold drug storage can be complicated. And expensive. And it can give some people chills. We aren’t those people. At Health Care Logistics, we make it easy to manage any critical drug storage situation. From compact countertop units to full-size appliances, our inventory is overflowing with solutions for pharmaceutical, dietary, and laboratory use. All pharmacy-grade refrigerators come equipped with digital microprocessor temperature controls, temperature alarms, and port access. In addition, multiple locking options are available so you can choose the level of security and accessibility to match your facility’s needs. As an added layer of protection, we offer refrigerator locking boxes to keep supplies secure, prevent drug diversion, and enable users to control access while keeping contents stored at a regulated temperature.

Ordering Information

Call: (800) 848-1633 | Web: | Fax: (800) 447-2923 | Email: | Electronically: GHX and EDI | Chat Online HCL’s Live Customer Service Staff is on Duty: 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., EST | After Business Hours Call Our Emergency Phone: (740) 207-4293

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