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In Safe Hands with Cold Chain Technologies

The Pharmaceutical, biomedical, and life-science industries develop life-saving products that require an uninterrupted flow of temperature-controlled shipments from facility to end-user. Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) provides that solution with its laser focus on critical points throughout the shipping environment. 

From the package design to the duration of the shipment, the team at CCT places safety measures at every stage and adheres to all regulatory requirements. This thoroughness means that the KoolTemp® Pre-Qualified Solutions and Koolit® Refrigerants carefully safeguard the pharmaceutical, biological sample, diagnostic materials, or chemical to the destination to help a patient, aid the pharmacist, or support the microbiologist.

The shipment of temperature-sensitive products is not just about being safe. It’s also about being smart about thermodynamics, possible challenges, and cost. With over 50 years of experience in cold chain supply, they understand its logistics—its demands and extremes.

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