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Cover Me Protected

Shoe covers have always been the necessary must-have for medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology facilities. Shoe covers made by Shoe Inn offer healthcare professionals the traction needed for security, the durability for effectiveness, and the breathability for comfort. And now since COVID-19 has put protective shoe covers on a whole new “must-have” level, Shoe Inn ensures the “toe” in head-to-toe protection from the virus.

Shoe Inn made its mark in the industry with color-coded shoe covers such as yellow, purple, and green covers. These different colors can align with different purposes—like access or disease awareness. Shoe Inn also offers thicker fabric with traction shoe covers in different colors for those who want more than the industry standard light blue. 

shoe cover.png

Shoe Inn has most of the standard available shoe cover types and can format them in cartridges for loading into and dispensing from their Show Inn Stay and Shoe Inn Fusion from their dispensers. The result is a faster, cleaner, and safer way to put covers on shoes.

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