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This healthcare delivery service believes they don’t just transport packages, SDS Rx delivers hope and healing. The deliveries that go to their customers in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, and healthcare industries comprise vaccines, treatments, and medications. SDS Rx views their work as a part of the overall research and clinical team who help patients get what they need and when they need it for better health.

SDS Rx possesses technology that seamlessly integrates with each unique customer to ensure compliance, accuracy, and accountability. And because many customers require time-sensitive deliveries, the system always provides customers with the status of their package.

Because of customer satisfaction, SDS Rx has grown exponentially, establishing a national footprint, while setting the local benchmark for delivery accuracy and demonstrating leadership in healthcare logistics. In June 2020. SDS Rx announced more growth with the acquisition of Medical Delivery Services Inc (MDS), which expands its offerings to the radiopharmaceutical market.

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