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Temperature is Everything

Today, temperature is one of the most relevant words in our world. Wanting to know the temperature of something has always been commonplace. Now with COVID-19, knowing your temperature can determine health like no other time before.

Rees Scientific has always known the significance of temperature in keeping people, pharmaceuticals, and even particles protected. For over 30 years, this is the company that knows that temperature has always been of utmost importance in the medical and pharma industry, which is why eight out of ten pharmaceutical companies use Rees Scientific. From cellular discoveries to life-saving medicines, Rees Scientific prevents loss and ensures compliance. 

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Rees Scientific can easily install the system on the customer’s network or the ReesCloud. Customers receive a full array of validation, calibration, and training to fit specific needs and requirements. The monitoring system provides data via wired, wireless, WiFi, or a hybrid of all. 

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