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Protecting People with PPE

Because of COVID-19, cleanroom bunny suits, googles, booties, and face masks are on people’s mind, on search engines, and on people’s social media. Yes, personal protective equipment (PPE) are in-demand. The team at Prudential Cleanroom Services (PCS) have always known the critical nature of these supplies in keeping people protected from contaminants, and now the coronavirus. PCS is the go-to supplier of cleanroom products.

Purchasers at medical, bioscience, and pharma organizations turn to PCS for these contamination control products that are needed every day. All Prudential Cleanroom Services garment processing facilities supply validated sterile and non-sterile reusable cleanroom products that are processed in a state of the art ISO Class 3 cleanroom and know that PCS’s quality management system is ISO 9001 certified. Because of long-standing relationships with PCS, supply chain professionals trust that PCS will supply their cleanrooms with cleanroom particulate free garments and products for their sterile, non-sterile and ESD controlled environments.

In these unprecedented times and as an essential business, PCS is committed to satisfying customers’ evolving requirements for employees’ PPE needs. They added a COVID-19 resource page that details laundry disinfecting cleaning protocols and formulas,  notifications for customers and suppliers, and additional COVID-19 prevention materials.


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