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The Final iQ Virtual Series Event of 2020 Happens Tomorrow

iQ Virtual Series 


The final iQ Virtual Series event of 2020 happens tomorrow, September 30, featuring part two of Lou Ann Brubaker’s accredited series to help pharmacies attract and retain pharmacy staff in the world of COVID-19.

Additional Live! Wednesday opportunities include the PrimeCare Rebill Enhancements session that will provide you with an understanding of how and when to use the Billing Matrix rebill function and cover new enhancements to the rebill process that give you more control and the ability to review and alter the transactions before you rebill.

And how much do you know about your data? Your pharmacy creates a rich source of information for data-driven decision-making. Mevesi places that information at your fingertips with easy-to-use tools that improve profitability and efficiency. Join the session, Enhance Your Use of Mevesi: What's New?, to learn more about:

• Reimbursement Reports

• Prescriber Patterns

• Proportion or Days Covered (PDC reporting)

Previous iQ attendees, no need to register again. Never registered? Sign up now at


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