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In need of unit-dose packaging solutions? Check out the Medi-Dose System.


The Medi-Dose System has been used by facilities of all sizes to package solid oral, unit dose medications for more than 45 years. Their cold-seal technology makes it simple to use and requires no special in-service training or additional space. The Medi-Cup ultraviolet inhibitant blisters and tamper-evident label adhesives combine to provide a USP Class A beyond-use dating. They are available in fifteenth options and eight sizes to accommodate most medication or storage systems.  Their laser lid-label cover sheets are available in three dosing options (25, 9 and 5) and twelve colors to facilitate color coding of medications. All the blisters and lid-label cover sheets work with Medi-Dose’s MILT 4 software which can be used for 1D and 2D barcode formats to create NDC numbers, expiration dates, lot numbers and special codes.

Unit Dose Packaging in the Hospital Pharmacy Market | Bob Braverman | Medi-Dose, Inc. EPS…

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