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Vaccine Storage that You Can Trust


The increasing demand for safe and reliable preservation of immunizations and boosters is more critical than ever this year.

Are you prepared?

PHCbi brand pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers are designed to meet the specific needs of clinics, hospitals and pharmacies where vaccines are stored. The best way to protect vaccine efficacy for end-point storage is to follow CDC guidelines for vaccine storage.1, 2 PHCbi offers a full range of pharmaceutical refrigeration options that makes this easy.

From compact undercounter and countertop cabinets to larger volume single and dual chamber refrigerators, you'll find a PHCbi refrigerator to meet your vaccine storage requirements.

  • Regardless of size, each PHCbi pharmacy refrigerator delivers superior temperature uniformity throughout the cabinet, even when fully loaded.
  • Innovative, energy-saving compressor technology extends life of unit.
  • Reserve cooling power restores inside storage temperatures during times of frequent access.
  • Auto-defrost technology eliminates frost on cooling coils.
  • Combination refrigerator/freezer models save space and money to accommodate both refrigerated and frozen inventory.
  • SNAP compliant natural refrigerants and ENERGY STAR® Certifications are available on many models.





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