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Pharmacist Opportunities with Walgreens

Pharmacist & Pharmacy Manager Opportunities With Walgreens


As a Walgreens Pharmacist, you have the opportunity to be:

A Trusted Care Giver & Advocate

- You personalize the patient’s experience and building trust through empathy; you get to know them personally and work to simplify their experience, despite sometimes complex processes.

- You apply your expertise and resourcefulness to help solve problems and provide holistic care for patients and customers.

- You proactively and genuinely communicate with patients; you seek understanding, ensure the patient is heard, remove barriers and provide solutions to their needs. You emphasize the important of treatment adherence to improve health outcomes.

- You put customer service ahead of other priorities and shows good judgment when trade-offs are needed.

- You use Walgreens diverse offerings of products and services to help the customer find the best solution and value.

- You advocate for the patient’s point-of-view and seek solutions that exceed customer expectations even beyond pharmacy service.

- You follow standard operating procedures to comply with both state and federal laws.

- You multitask and find operational efficiencies that enable you to have time to focus on advanced clinical services.

- You use knowledge of competition and trends in healthcare and to stay current and identify strategically aligned business opportunities that best serve the customer.

A Connected and Energized Team Player

- You partner with the team to find the right solutions for customers at any place in the store or digitally.

- You are energized by proactively solving customer needs in a fast-paced environment.

- You embrace technology to provide extraordinary customer care and make others’ lives easier.

- You seize opportunities to increase your contribution to the customer, the team and to the store.

- You embody Walgreens Purpose-Driven Leadership model to champion the health and well-being of every community.

- You maintain enthusiasm, even for difficult tasks or when others are not optimistic, and work to energize others by celebrating each other’s successes.

Job Openings Available:

- Pharmacy Mgr (439773) 4895 – Oklahoma City

- Pharmacist (433383) 10957 – Oklahoma City

- Pharmacist (455044) 9735 – Woodward

- Pharmacist (464848) 4896

- Pharmacist (465523)11559

- Indianapolis, East Side (463129BR)

- Indianapolis, West Side (449922BR)

- Indianapolis, South Side (448569BR)

- Muncie Area (459542BR)

For more information or to apply, please click here.

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