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Delivering Greater Temperature Intelligence® throughout the Cold Chain

Delivering Greater Temperature Intelligence® throughout the Cold Chain

It’s been more than 30 years since Temptime introduced its first temperature monitoring product, the vaccine vial monitor – or VVM. We’ve learned a lot about the cold chain since then, and have applied that knowledge to benefit a wide range of healthcare-focused businesses. Today our temperature indicators are used to monitor medication, biologics and other environmentally-sensitive products, in storage and in transit – whether moving between sites or shipping directly to patients.

Learn more about our journey and how our solutions help pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, specialty and central pharmacies, hospitals, blood banks, EMS organizations and more in our video, Improving Global Health: Temptime Innovation.

Who are we?

Temptime, now a part of Zebra Technologies, is committed to helping improve health outcomes around the world. Since 1987, we’ve developed a wide range of temperature-monitoring technology for hospitals, EMS providers, frontline healthcare workers, pharmaceutical corporations, specialty pharmacies, biotechnology companies and more.

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