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Monitor the COVID-19 Vaccine with Rees Scientific

Are you ready for the COVID-19 Vaccine & Medications?

Monitoring the temperature of vaccines and medications is an essential task that is regulated by several government health organizations. It is our anticipation that the COVID-19 vaccines currently in development will be highly regulated and worth sizable capital. Certain vaccines will be stored at a much cooler temperature to ensure product safety and maximum potency. According to the CDC, you must have a process of notification, documentation, communication and correction for temperature monitoring.

How can a Rees Scientific system help?

The Rees Scientific system can monitor the temperature of cold storage units including refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low freezers, cryogenic tanks and more.

- Continuous, real-time monitoring

- Receive alarm notifications via phone, text & e-mail

- Exceeds data logger capabilities

- Monitoring rate exceeds requirements of CDC

- Meets compliance for CDC, WHO, PHAC, and more

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