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What Makes Us Different - Mideast Delivery Solutions


When dealing with a courier company, clients can sometimes feel like they are one of many, trying to get the service they need but feeling like their provider is unresponsive and difficult. In most cases, it is challenging for the average courier company to provide quality service with orders from multiple clients coming in, driver turnover, and the 24/7/365 nature of the industry.

One facet of our approach that sets us apart is the ability to come on-site and develop a courier solution for your company only. We learn about every aspect of your operation and create a plan with you to address any problem areas you are experiencing. Using our development and implementation model, the transition to your new delivery solution will be seamless.

Finally, from our drivers to our Executive Team, our biggest advantage is our people. We only select drivers who believe in our vision, show quality experience and pass our drug test and background checks, and our Executive Team is comprised of veterans of the transportation industry who know what it takes to be successful. At Mideast Delivery Solutions, we dedicate ourselves wholly to the operations of our clients, because we know the only way we can be successful, is if we help you succeed first.


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