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When a Pharmacy Needs a Pharmacist

The word “POD” has become a popular part of our lexicon. For IND Consulting, its “POD” means Pharmacist on Demand (PODS). This service has been in demand from pharmacies for years. The affinity for PODS stems from proven reliability in deploying highly-skilled pharmaceutical professionals from a wide-ranging network.

Whether it is the long-term care facility, hospital, or retail pharmacy, the licensed pharmacist will bring investigated credentials and experience to supplement the existing team. The cadre of professionals possesses skillsets particularly suited to your pharmacy needs, bypassing the human resource time-consuming hiring, training, and supervising staff. The POD can be available on short notice as well as remain for an extended time.

Partnering with PODS for your recruitment needs is a partnership in every sense of the word. IND Consulting works with its clients to significantly contribute to pharmacies’ quality, efficiency, and growth.


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