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Wipe Away Threats

Texwipe takes its responsibility to the nth degree when it comes to eliminating any risk in the successful pursuit of a vaccine, therapeutic, or compounded medicine. The technologists know the importance of thoroughness and fastidiousness, which is why its sealed-borders and sealed-edge wipers get the job done. 

Like the customers they serve, the team at Texwipe who make REVOLVE wipers want precision. They test the wipers for fibers, particles, ions, residue, and endotoxin to ensure exceptional cleanliness and high performance. Moreover, Texwipe product quality is maintained by the most advanced testing and quality control standards in the industry.


From its beginning in 1964, Texwipe solved a problem by removing micro contamination – the minute particles created errors on the disk on mainframe computers. Today, the company continues its pioneering efforts to provide technologically advanced products during a pandemic. REVOLVE wipes are essential products that play a critical role in a world that demands everything to be painstakingly cleaned. Texwipe earned its leadership role in contamination control for world-class health and pharma companies by proven products

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